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Edwin Domínguez committed to play soccer at Harvard University

Edwin Domínguez (Riverside, CA), one of the most promising college prospects, has committed to play soccer at the prestigious Harvard University beginning in the 2021 fall season.

Thanks to the support of ACCESS U Foundation and Yours in Soccer Foundation (YSF), Domínguez managed to materialize one of his main objectives. In previous years, Edwin participated with the representative team of Alianza in the San Diego Surf Cup.

"I am beyond humbled and blessed to announce that I will be furthering my education and playing Division 1 soccer at Harvard University. I would like to thank my family, friends, teammates, teachers, and coaches who have helped me achieve this honor", mentioned Domínguez.

In Alianza de Futbol we are extremely proud of Edwin Dominguez, an example to follow in the Hispanic community.

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