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8 Tips to go to the college

ACCESSU knows the difference between going to college and not. Having the right information is the key point.

There are many factors and in conjunction with Yours in Soccer Foundation, we have

prepared these tips to help you with the university recruitment process.

1. CREATE A COLLEGE LIST. Conduct thorough research on colleges and soccer programs to identify good fit colleges.

2. STRATEGIZE YOUR TACTICS. Set clear and well-defined goals for your recruitment process, create a plan, and track your progress.

3. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Proactively reach out to college coaches to demonstrate interest.

4. GET EVALUATED BY COACHES. Strategically showcase yourself to generate interest from college coaches.

5. STAY FOCUS AND ADJUST. Stay dedicated

to your goals and adjust them when necessary. Refine your college list based on interactions with coaches.

6. KEEP MOMENTUM WITH COACHES. Stay actively engaged, responsive, and in consistent communication with college coaches who demonstrate interest.

7. VERBALLY COMMIT. Assess offers from c

olleges, make sure you are well-informed before making a verbal commitment.

8. SIGN & MAKE IT TO THE PITCH. Continue preparing to become a college soccer player and do whatever it takes to stay on track and enroll in college.

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