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Growing up everyone helps their parents around the house. This is usually doing the dishes, maybe washing the car or throwing out the trash. At my house in Watsonville California this looks a little different. I wake up at 6am to feed our 56 chickens, two goats and our two horses. It’s been important to the family, especially my dad, to provide our own food through these animals.


My dad has always taught us the importance of hard work and dedication. That’s why I make sure to help out at our family business that my dad and his siblings started nearly 30 years ago. We grow and sell flowers wholesale. We sell a variety of over 200 flowers. Out in the field we cut, clean and bunch the assortments. The easiest flowers to handle are long ones like alstroemeria and the smaller ones, like ranunculus, are always a little tougher since they require one to be bent over for long periods of time and detailed in their cutting since we have to cut closely to the root, careful not to damage it.

I help out as much as I can not out of necessity, but because it’s something I want to do. My family has sacrificed so much to ensure my success. Driving me three days a week, an hour away from my home to do what I love most, play soccer. Taking me to countless tournaments on the weekends so I can play the sport I fell in love with at the young age of six. This is just a glimpse at what my parents have sacrificed for my siblings and I to have what we have. So, I want to make sure I do everything in my power to do my part around our small farm and family business to show my gratitude.

Outside of soccer I do enjoy animals, as they have always been a part of my life, but also because they bring me a lot of tranquility. Horseback-riding is a hobby I enjoy. I’ve even saved up my own money to purchase one. The wind rushing past me is therapeutic. It’s a time and place where I do feel free of the stress around me. But what also brings me joy is being able to help these animals thrive. I’ve had the opportunity to help with the health care of the animals. I have given cattle shots, transferred them to different pastures, and even bottle fed them. This is part of the reason why I want to pursue a career in veterinary science. Animals are my passion and I look forward to having a college degree that allows me to explore this field and eventually provide a living doing what I enjoy the most.

Being the first generation to graduate from a four year college is my goal and this is how I plan to “pay back” what others have given up so I can have a better future.

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