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Every scholar-athlete enrolled in ACCESS U receives the academic and college counseling outlined above as well as individualized recruiting outreach conducted by ACCESS U affiliated coaches to highlight our scholar-athletes to college coaches during critical recruiting decision-making periods. 

ACCESS U spends $12,500 per scholar athlete to provide these individualized services from the beginning of Freshman year through the end of the first semester of Senior year - a 40 month period.

EIN #81-1380491

Academic support includes the following services:



Academic Tutoring provides students with necessary support in a variety of academic areas including, Writing, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, English Language Arts, Math, Science, History, National Advanced Placement (AP) courses, AP exam preparation, Executive Functioning, or generalized homework support. Prestige Prep approaches academic tutoring from a holistic perspective that covers the full criteria required for success in school: content, organization, study skills, intellectual curiosity, and confidence. 

Test prep

The Test Prep Program offers ACT or SAT test preparation classes to student-athletes. These classes will support students through two exam sittings. Classes teach players the content and strategies for success on the college entrance exams. This program includes classes personalized to target each student’s area for improvement. Standardized tests and AP exams require test-taking skills, stamina, organization, and emotional strength in addition to knowledge about the material. Each test prep class is ninety minutes long for small groups of five or fewer students and spans a duration of ten weeks.

College Advising
and counseling


Prestige Prep’s Full Service College Application Counseling program is a comprehensive roadmap for the complex journey through the college admissions process. The program guides students through a unique 11 unit curriculum, which spans list-building and coach outreach all the way through essay editing and application submission, with individualized support tailored to each student’s academic and athletic needs. For more than 25 years, Prestige Prep and College, Career and Life, have coached and advised hundreds of families through selecting and ranking schools, crafting applications, preparing for exams, polishing essays, and practicing interviews. Our team mentors students every step of the way, ensuring that students and families stay on track and are armed with the tips and strategies needed to make the process as stress-free as possible. This program includes the following areas:

  • Personalized assessment of each student-athlete.  

  • Managing communications used for college including profiles, websites, interview preparation, etc. 

  • Relationship management between students and schools including communication with admission offices such as follow-ups and thank you notes as well as organizing recommendation letters. 

  • Academic planning including course selection and extra-curricular engagement. 

  • Organizing a plan for standardized testing including which exam to take (SAT vs ACT), when exams should be taken. Additional support will be offered for students eligible to take Advanced Placement courses and exams. 

  • Facilitating college search including selecting a well-balanced school list and operating various tools such as Naviance/SCOIR/Maia Learning. The program will also help students identify application timing such as ED, EDII, EA, REA, SCEA, RD, and Rolling. 

  • Assisting with navigating financial aid and scholarships including education on need-based and merit-based options, FAFSA, CSS Profiles.

  • Advising on college visit selections, timing, organization, and planning.  

  • Brainstorming and editing for personal statements, application essays, and supplements. 

  • Helping students manage applications. Our team advises students how to use and maximize the Common Application, Coalition Application, and UC Application.

  • Supporting students after decisions have come in including evaluating options, submitting a deposit, sending AP scores, housing deposits, and preparing students for transitioning to college. 


In addition to the core services outlined above, some scholar-athletes require additional support to reach their academic potential or, in many cases, to maximize their potential for “reach” schools. 

That support comes in the form of additional tutoring and mentorship. ACCESS U and our partners provide additional services, at-cost, to ensure our players have all the opportunity they can to live their college dreams.  

Please contact us if interested in larger donations to provide customized academic mentorship or for additional info.


In 2023 ACCESS U expects to identify, on-board and mentor an additional 30 new scholar-athletes. Black and Latino girls and boys in addition to the current enrollment of 40 rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors identified from showcase events and club-partners around the country.

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