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In 2023 ACCESS U expects to identify, on-board and mentor an additional 30 new scholar-athletes. Black and Latino girls and boys in addition to the current enrollment of 40 rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors identified from showcase events and club-partners around the country.

ACCESS U has been offering mentorship to Black and Latino boys for the past five years. In 2023 and beyond ACCESS U will be building a female dominant program, in addition to our program for boys, to elevate this underserved population and strengthen their skills on and off the field.


ACCESS U will provide underprivileged Black and Latino boys and girls the same preparation for college and eligibility for scholarships that their counterparts from more financially privileged families receive as a matter of course.


ACCESS U partners with Prestige Prep© and College Career and Life© who provide academic support, test prep, and college advising to ACCESS U scholar-athletes to ensure their success. With more than 25 years of experience, Prestige Prep© and College Career and Life© prepare students to excel through an approach that builds student’s confidence and intellectual curiosity while preparing them for every aspect of their education journey.


In addition, ACCESS U works with independent coaches/college recruiting professionals to facilitate direct contact to college coaches looking for elite scholar-athletes to play for their programs.

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