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ACCESS U Foundation scholar-athletes share their stories with Jaime Maggio from Sports Central LA.

ACCESS U Foundation scholar-athletes, Ameerah Kolleff (Los Angeles, CA) and Aniya Williams (Riverside, CA), recently sat down with Jaime Maggio, Emmy-winning TV Sports Broadcaster for Sports Central LA (CBS2 / KCAL9), to share how ACCESS U helps them make their college and soccer dreams a reality.  

All ACCESS U scholar-athletes receive free, top-tier college counseling and academic tutoring programs during all four years of high school, as well as recruiting mentorship to help them secure scholarships and financial aid to play college soccer and graduate debt-free or with small student loans. The results have exceeded all of our expectations, giving these impressive young men and women a chance to achieve their dreams and change their fortunes, as well as those of their families, for generations to come. 

Both Ameerah’s father and Aniya’s father also had the opportunity to share with Jaime why the need for ACCESS U exists and how the program is helping their daughters.

“A lot of players…maybe they’re good, but they don’t necessarily have the knowledge of what needs to be done in order to play in college. Sometimes they just won’t take the leap. I think ACCESS U does a good job putting together the resources they need. ” - Ivan Kolleff, Ameerah’s father.

Watch the full interview below.


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